Featured Projects

Bridge Replacement of 3 Bridges on I-495 and Route 2 – Littleton, MA

Composite Company Inc. is currently working with SPS New England on a project in Littleton, MA. The proposed scope of work for this project is to erect 6 new bridges;  I-495 North and South and CD road over Rt.2, the Taylor Street Bridge over I-495  and  I-495 North and South over the MBTA Railroad.  Also included in the contract is a 150 foot temporary Acrow Bridge.

This project is a part of MassDOT’s Accelerated Bridge Program, therefore Composite Company will be required to maintain an aggressive schedule throughout the erection of each bridge.

Willimansett Bridge – Exodermic Deck installation and Shear Connectors – Chicopee, MA

Northern Construction Services has recently contracted Composite Company Inc. to install   21,500 square ft. of  exodermic deck and weld24,000shear connectors on this unique historic bridge.

Past Projects

Pawtucket River Bridge Project – Pawtucket, RI

Composite Company’s most  recent completed project is the erection of the 550 bridge located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The project is an $81 million dollar renovation that consisted of 7 bridges and miles of roadway. The general contractor, S&R/Pihl Joint Venture contracted Composite Company to make structural repairs to Garden Street and School Street bridges, as well as the erection of the Pleasant Street and Pawtucket River Bridge. However, the highlight of the project was the erection of the Pawtucket River Arch Bridge.

The Pleasant Street Arch Bridge was not only the largest bridge in the contract, but it also the most complicated. In order to accommodate the State of Rhode Island’s requirement to keep three lane traffic on Interstate 95 throughout the process, S&R/Pihl Joint Venture and Composite Company used a “slider system” in order to erect the second and third phase of the project.  The “slider system”, designed by McNary, Bergeron & Associates, consisted of installing a steel frame on both the east and west side of the bridge that was attached to a track. Composite Company erected the arches on the frame by using the DWIDAG system to hold arch sections to the frames, and placing the middle arch section in air by way of crane and making the connections to complete the arch. After the old 95 northbound structure was demolished, Composite slid the new, 400 ton arches under the active roadway, and then jacked the arches into place onto the bearings using 150 lb. hollow-core hydraulic jacks and high-strength threaded bars.

Union Street Bridge – Lawrence, MA

Located over the Merrimack River, The Union Street “Duck” Bridge is a historical landmark that was recently completed by S&R Corporation. The $16 million project consisted of reconstructing the existing piers and abutments, as well as, a complete rehabilitation the bridge truss members and constructing new sidewalks and a steel bridge deck. Composite Company was contracted by S&R to complete all the steel renovations which consisted of removing and replacing floor beams, the erection of an exodermic deck, rivet replacement, and replacement of all bearings.

Tyngsborough Bridge – Tyngsborough, MA

Much like The Union Street Bridge, the Tyngsborough Bridge is a historical landmark that spans the Merrimack River. Composite Company was contracted by S&R to complete all the steel renovation work which consisted of removing and replacing floor beams, the erection of an exodermic deck, and rivet replacement. In addition to the original contract, Composite Company delaunched a triple-double temporary Mabey Bridge, spanning 600 feet.

Magazine Beach Pedestrian Bridge – Cambridge, MA

The Magazine Beach Pedestrian Bridge was completed in July 2012. This project was unique because of the additional work Composite Company completed in order that the project  could  progress through the construction phase. Composite Company was called upon  to make proper adjustments in the field in order to achieve milestone goals set by an aggressive schedule. S&R Corp. and Composite Company worked  in unison to complete this very challenging  project.

Virginia Payload Tube – Newport, RI

Composite Company, Inc. was hired by P+S Construction  to erect a 40’ square by 65’ high missile silo on the Newport Naval Base. The contract  included erecting the building, installation of the metal roof deck, installation of an exterior staircase, and installation of the miscellaneous steel for the mezzanine level catwalk and staircases. During the project, Composite Company experienced numerous fabrication changes  that threatened to delay the schedule. However, our skilled field team persevered  by completing over $80,000.00 worth of  alterations to the steel package on site to complete the erection of the building. Ultimately, the project was completed on schedule.

Route 12 Bridge over Route 2 – Leominster, MA

Our most recently completed project, Composite Company was contracted by MIG Corporation to erect the bridge on Route 12 over Route 2 in Leominster, MA. The project consisted of a 14 girder single spliced bridge that had  to be erected during a night time closure of Route 2. Composite Company successfully erected the bridges, welded the SIP deck and shear connectors in two phases.